However, we live in a miraculous world. All attempts to explain our existence are absurd. We simply can’t apply the replicable demonstration of science to all of life.

There are only three options for how we got here: firstly, the universe could be the creation of a higher being; secondly, it could have appeared from nothing; thirdly, the universe could have always existed, although that doesn’t actually answer the question. All of those options require faith. They are beyond what we can prove and replicate. We are in a position that forces us to have faith, because the mystery of life is beyond our understanding.

There are medically documented accounts of naturally impossible healings and many more stories passed on by word of mouth. There are countless reports of miraculous events in the Bible and throughout history. There is the pull inside most of us to explain what we sense but can’t know. But we often refuse to consider what doesn’t match our current beliefs.

If the argument that a miracle didn’t happen is that ‘miracles don’t happen’, then there has been no genuine (much less scientific) consideration. It could be possible that things that are impossible in our world can happen when someone beyond our reality acts. But whoever is committed to believing that God does not exist will not allow their mind to open that wide.

If the universe was created deliberately by a personal God who is greater than his creation and continues to sustain it, then it makes sense that this God would have the power to intervene in this universe in ways that are beyond our limits of reality. And if Jesus was that God, the miracles the Bible claims he performed would be possible. But if you are not open to the possibility of a creative higher being, then miracles, spirituality and most of the events described in the Bible will be hard to understand. Do you dare think bigger?

Some of these ideas come from the 'Supernatural' episode in the Towards Belief series by Olive Tree Media. Click here to rent or buy the related video or get in touch to see if there's a free series running near you.

Jesus told us that we would see greater things than what he did on earth. He told us to continue doing as he did: healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out demons. John 14:12-17 | Matthew 10:8 We know that we are equipped through the Holy Spirit to ask for healing and miracles with the authority of Jesus. Maybe it’s time to take the challenge beyond the academic and into the personal.

Through prayer, you can ask God to intervene
in your life. He is a good Father, and he loves to give good gifts to those who ask. Matthew 7:7-11 | Luke 12:32 In fact, he wants us to ask. So why don’t you ask God to be your healer or provider or Saviour or whatever you need today?