Explore God

A website where you can look at different issues that interest you around the Christian faith. There are lots of short articles and videos, as well as devotionals and challenges. Whatever your question, there’s likely to be some kind of response!


A website for a deeper intellectual search, with lots of current topics that are easy to navigate and varying levels of academic intensity. With contributions from a range of leading thinkers you can find articles and videos on the subjects explored in this website and beyond.

Hope Project

Explore Christian faith as a New Zealander. The site includes real life stories, a forum for discussion, and perspectives on Christianity in New Zealand history.


A collection of real life stories of people whose lives have been transformed through relationship with Jesus.

Another great place to start is through a local course. Click here for more details.


Bible in One Year

This app or email subscription gives you a daily dose of the Bible in bite-sized chunks, including a fabulous guide with stories and explanations. Each day, there is a section of the New Testament, the Old Testament and Psalms or Proverbs. If you do all three readings each day, you will read the entire Bible in a year. It’s perfect for using downtime to connect with God and helpful for finding your way around the whole Bible. If you find reading the Bible daunting, this is a good place to start.

Follow the link above to find the iOS and Android apps or subscribe to the email list.

Bible Gateway

A free online Bible resource with study guides, devotionals and apps. Pick a translation that you identify with (you could start with New Living Translation, The Message, New International Version or English Standard Version) and read the Bible in whatever way suits you. You can use the search function to look at themes, or find particular books, chapters and verses.


Similar to Bible Gateway. You can choose the interface you like better.

The Prayer Course

Practical teaching on how to connect with God through prayer in a series of six videos.